We provide smart wearable scanner solutions that fuel a continual stream of worker-driven productivity gains. More than 2,000 global industrial customers trust in our innovations.

How it all started

December 2014

Paul comes up with the idea to participate in Intel’s “Make it wearable contest.” Thomas has different plans for his weekend and does not want to participate. Yet, a joint effort from Paul and our other two founders Jonas and Alexander convinces Thomas to play along. 

A workaround plan for an unexpected win 

April 2016

While ProGlove’s founders walked away with a check of 100,000 US Dollars, they never set up a corporate entity. Yet after Intel threatened to transfer the money into their private bank accounts, they conceived a workaround plan and set up a German entity by the same name. On the upside, Intel Capital, GETTYLAB and Bayern Kapital pitched in to raise the seed funding to 2.2 million Dollars.

Guided tours shape idea of our wearable scanner

September 2016

The truth is that ProGlove’s smart wearables would have remained nothing but a fond idea, had it not been for BMW. Because they let Paul do some guided tours at their central plant in Munich, so he could make some money to support himself. Yet that is where he observed the benefits a wearable glove scanner could deliver. Hence, we launched the first glove scanner in September of 2016. 

New York, New York

January 2018

So, we had a great product, but we wanted it to make it bigger. Thus, we opened our first US office in New York City to sell our MARK Scanners in the United States. 

Word of mouth provides a big boost 

April 2018

People like intriguing stories. And the story of our smart gloves is rampant in 2018. Many organizations recognize the positive impact our products can deliver, and they share it. Media outlets around the world pick-up our story and investors get interested. So, Intel Capital, GETTYLAB, Bayern Kapital, and DICP provide us with a Series A funding of 6.7 million US Dollars.

Sweet home Chicago  

August 2019

Let’s face it, New York is the place to be when you are into banking and financial services. But we figured we needed to be closer to the manufacturing heart of the United States. Therefore, we moved our US office to Chicago in August of 2019.

We are family  

September 2019

Working at ProGlove is in many ways like spending time with your family. Hence, we knew we needed to move beyond being just a one-product family. That is why we extended our portfolio to include an entire family of products.

“Never thought somebody would give us 40 million Dollars” 

September 2019

While we continued to thrive, Thomas always remembers the days when he and the other founders set up ProGlove. In an interview he once told a reporter: “I never though somebody would give us 40 million Dollars.” But Summit Partners, DICP and Bayern Kapital did when they close the Series B funding round.

15 different names, but only one objective 

February 2020

The city had 15 different names throughout her history. But we went to Belgrade for only one specific objective: extend our development capacities! 

Another quantum leap 

March 2020

We always listen carefully when our customers tell us what they need. And quite the number of them, told us that they would like to see a wearable display from ProGlove. So, we gave them MARK Display. A wearable scanner that comes with an integrated display. Or as we like to call it: Another quantum leap by ProGlove. And while we were at it, we threw in a software solution that comes with a unique bottom-up perspective to narrate the true story of their shop floor.

Setting the innovation pace 


2022 was fabulous for ProGlove in so many ways. Not only did we land one of the biggest exits of that year to welcome Nordic Capital as our new owner, but we also opened our new UK office in Coventry. Yet most importantly: We continued to set the pace of innovation in our industry. With the Hand Strap we delivered a game changing one size fits all wearable. MARK 3 topped it off, however, as it allows for effortless multi range scanning.

World record is the new normal 

January 2023

We don’t want to toot our own horns. But since we are getting used to setting world records, we thought, we do it right and made it to the Guinness Book of World Records.

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Enable human-centered productivity.

We want to enable our customers to optimize worker experience, maximize uptime, and get more done with their existing teams. In a nutshell: Our hard- and software solutions augment the boots on the ground and promote human-machine collaboration. This brings speed, accuracy, guidance, and ergonomics to the shopfloor workers. And that is what ProGlove is all about! 


ProGlove is all about creating a radically better future.

Our vision is to build a smarter, more productive, and augmented workforce!

We put the human first

We value autonomy and enablement of our PROGLOVE people. There’s always room to prototype unique solutions and upset the status quo. In a dynamic atmosphere, diverse teams collaborate on projects, taking ideas from the drawing board to implementation.

We strive to grow

PROGLOVE people aren’t scared to be challenged—because we know we’ve got the best team to support us.

We prototype

We’re true DIYers! Our favourite way of innovation is Design Thinking. PROGLOVE products are designed in house and crafted by our dedicated expert teams.

We simplify

Our scanning solutions solve customer’s problems as seamlessly as possible. We value the same in our own house – PROGLOVE processes are as simplistic as possible while still delivering the structure we need.

We boost productivity

From distribution operations to warehouse systems: we improve something new every day. For our customers and for ourselves.

We work for a better future

That is why we work to become more sustainable every day. That said, it goes without saying, that this is a process that never stops. But it is perfectly in line with our overarching objectives.









Where to find us

Munich, DE

Our global headquarters.

Coventry, UK

Our UK headquarters.

Belgrade, RS

Our development hub.

Chicago, US

Our North American headquarters.