Barcode Scanning Basics: Keep Your MARK System Clean

The health and safety of frontline workers is top of mind everywhere. For this reason, we’ve developed these guidelines to keep your ProGlove MARK barcode scanning system clean. It is important to note these guidelines are not meant as a replacement of the latest guidelines from government authorities, including the USA’s extensive OSHA guidelines.  It’s also important to note that  cleaning your ProGlove products may help to reduce the presence of viruses like COVID-19 but may not completely eliminate it.


In addition to regularly cleaning your ProGlove scanning system, we recommend wearing disposable plastic gloves below the ProGlove Index Trigger wrap or glove for an added measure of protection. Of course, wash your hands following government guidelines before and after each shift or break. Never touch your face with your hands unless they are freshly washed.


Cleaning the MARK Scanning System


Here is a short video tutorial to show you how we clean a MARK scanner step-by-step.



Disconnect power to the charger before cleaning. Wait until the charger is completely dry before restoring power. Remove scanners from wearables before cleaning. It  is acceptable to use disinfecting wipes with 70% isopropyl alcohol or disinfecting wipes designed for office/home  use. Do not use disinfecting wipes designed for medical use, or those containing sodium hypochlorite (bleach) or abrasives.


Never submerge the scanner or charger in any cleaning agents. Avoid spraying cleaners directly on the scanner window. Apply gentle pressure with a wipe or cleaning cloth to minimize the risk of changes to the cosmetic appearance or functionality. Follow  the cleaning procedure from the wipe manufacturer and wipe away any residual disinfectant after the prescribed contact time. Always allow the scanner and charger to dry completely before use. Over time, the use of disinfecting wipes may impact the cosmetic appearance of your scanners and chargers. This could include (but is not limited to) discoloration, residual material build-up, and surface paint finish bubbling.

Cleaning the Wearable Gloves and Wraps


ProGlove wearables are not machine-washable. These wearables are meant to be replaced periodically due to normal wear and tear.  This is because gloves  and wraps contain sensitive electronics in and around the scan trigger. With care, it is possible to clean your wearables with minimal risk to the functionality.


We recommend using a spray cleaner with 70% isopropyl alcohol  or cleaning products designed for use on fabrics. The scanner clip should be cleaned with only 70% isopropyl alcohol  as other chemicals may impact the structure of the clip over time resulting in the scanner coming loose from the clip when in use. Allow wearables to dry completely before continuing use.


Product functionality or appearance may be impacted  due to the strength of the chemicals, application methods, contact time, or use of the glove after application. We do not recommend using harsh chemical cleaners and avoid submerging the glove or wrap in liquid or saturating or applying pressure to the area around the trigger.


Because not everyone will follow exactly the same steps with the same cloths and cleaning agents that we tested in our lab, ProGlove disclaims all warranties and does not assume any liability with respect to the recommendations expressed here to keep your MARK barcode scanning system clean.


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