Geek+ & ProGlove: Driving CollaboMation

Geek+ & ProGlove: Driving CollaboMation | ProGlove wearable barcode scanners


Geek+ Robotics is a provider of robotic solutions for logistics. The company focuses on the development of autonomous mobile robot (AMR) solutions. Their goal is to enable warehouse and supply chain management to achieve flexibility, reliability and high efficiency. By automating tedious tasks such as picking, moving and sorting, Geek+ enables industries to optimize their operations. This is a critical objective that CollaboMation seeks to achieve while augmenting the human worker.


One of Geek+’s most notable achievements was working with DB Schenker, a major player in international transportation and integrated logistics services.  Geek+ implemented its leading shelf-to-person solution with over 200 AMR robots. This addressed DB Schenker’s pain points of ensuring timely order fulfillment, reducing carbon emissions, and improving the customer experience. In addition, the project enabled DB Schenker to process over 120,000 orders per day.


How Geek+ and ProGlove are revolutionizing the smart warehouse with CollaboMation

But Geek+ is certainly not just a technology provider. In fact, the organization embraces the concept of human-machine collaboration and workforce augmentation to build the intelligent warehouse of the future. They advocate the seamless integration of humans and robots to improve warehouse and manufacturing operations. By combining ProGlove’s ergonomic wearable devices with Geek+’s robotic solutions, workers can interact with robots effortlessly and intuitively, enabling more efficient and accurate order picking and fulfillment processes. This is exactly what CollaboMation is trying to do to increase efficiency and productivity.


Geek+’s Smart Warehouse system serves as a comprehensive solution for robotic warehouse operations. It includes various processes such as picking, moving and sorting systems. The Robot Management System (RMS) efficiently schedules and manages large mobile robot clusters, optimizing path planning, traffic management, task assignment, and safety measures in real time with high concurrency and reliability. By incorporating advanced technologies such as Industrial IoT, 5G, edge computing and MES, Geek+ enables seamless coordination of human-robot interactions. This enables industries around the world to achieve smarter and more agile manufacturing processes, paving the way for comprehensive CollaboMation.


Preparing for the demands of the future

CollaboMation is the future of warehouse operations. It enables a more efficient, productive, and safer warehouse. By adopting CollaboMation, warehouses can respond to the increasing demands of the industry. It is the bridge that connects human workers to the technology that surrounds them.

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