GreyOrange & ProGlove: Maximizing Warehouse Efficiency Through CollaboMation

GreyOrange & ProGlove: Maximizing Warehouse Efficiency Through CollaboMation | ProGlove wearable barcode scanners


GreyOrange is a robotic automation provider driven by the need for faster deliveries, technological expansion, and the challenges posed by modern fulfillment requirements. The company addresses today’s warehouse automation needs by integrating AI-driven robots and AI-enabled software designed to manage all subsystems in real time. This is a critical step in executing CollaboMation initiatives.


GreyOrange’s expertise lies in the integration of hardware, software and people platforms. This idea of integrating people with technology is the essence that drives CollaboMation. Its technology provides mobile spatial awareness to optimize movement, fluid decision making, and the ability to respond quickly to exceptions and events. Benefits include increased speed-to-fulfillment, improved ability-to-fulfill through cross-channel visibility, and improved margin-to-fulfillment through cost reduction.


CollaboMation solutions for the warehouse of the future

GreyOrange believes in the power of human-machine collaboration and workforce augmentation in the warehouse environment. The company is built on the idea that robots can augment human workers, making them more efficient and happier. This is what CollaboMation is all about.


Undoubtedly, robotics will reshape the labor market and create new job opportunities. However, the technology enables more output to be produced by the same number of people, leading to the emergence of new jobs that require uniquely human skills such as creativity, negotiation, and human-to-human support. The concept of the intelligent warehouse is gaining significant momentum, driven by the rapid growth of online shopping. Many see it as an inevitable transformation necessary to achieve the efficiencies required by evolving retail demands. There are many examples of inventions that have assisted in tasks previously performed by humans, whether it be the washing machine or something as simple as a shovel. As a result, GreyOrange challenges the notion that automated warehouses create dystopian workplaces.


The simple fact is that modern fulfillment demands a significant increase in productivity. An increase that, given the current labor shortage, isn’t possible without some level of automation. CollaboMation ensures that robots and humans working together, with the right processes in place, produce superior results. By championing CollaboMation, GreyOrange aims to make warehouses more productive and fulfilling places to work.


Rising to the challenge of modern demands

CollaboMation is the future of warehouse operations. It enables a more efficient, productive, and safer warehouse. By adopting CollaboMation, warehouses can respond to the increasing demands of the industry. It is the bridge that connects human workers to the technology that surrounds them.

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