iFollow and ProGlove: CollaboMation Technology for Warehouses

iFollow and ProGlove: CollaboMation Technology for Warehouses | ProGlove wearable barcode scanners


iFollow has become a formidable force in autonomous mobile robotics. From a humble startup to a prominent market player, iFollow has firmly positioned itself as one of the leading manufacturers of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). These cutting-edge robotic solutions offer a transformative approach to warehouse and industrial automation that meets the dynamic demands of modern logistics and manufacturing. They also embody the very essence of CollaboMation.

iFollow Robotics offers a comprehensive line of collaborative mobile robots that meet a variety of payload requirements – from 300 kg to an impressive 1200 kg. These AMRs have proven their versatility in various applications, including collaborative picking, seamless inbound and outbound transportation, and other logistics functions in industrial environments. With a team of dedicated experts and project managers, iFollow ensures that each automation project meets and exceeds customers’ strategic and operational goals. From planning to deployment, optimization and ongoing support, iFollow Robotics is a steadfast CollaboMation partner in achieving greater productivity, reliability and cost-efficiency for its customers.

Embodying CollaboMation

iFollow Robotics remains a relevant example of human-machine collaboration and the potential for workforce augmentation. By integrating ProGlove’s wearable solutions, iFollow enhances the efficiency and safety of human-robot interaction and the concept of ‘CollaboMation’. This symbiotic approach enhances the capabilities of both humans and robots, fostering a cohesive workflow that leverages the strengths of both. Such partnerships exemplify iFollow’s commitment to CollaboMation – ProGlove’s visionary concept that combines collaboration and automation. This forward-thinking concept underscores iFollow’s dedication to creating seamless interfaces between humans and robots that maximize productivity while ensuring operational continuity, especially during peak retail seasons.

By providing adaptable, robust and easily scalable equipment, iFollow enables retailers to effectively manage the complexities of peak demand. Meanwhile, ProGlove provides floor workers with tools to work seamlessly alongside robotic assistance. iFollow’s robots and ProGlove’s wearable scanners facilitate strategies such as duo-picking and increase operator efficiency. In addition, iFollow’s fleet management software streamlines operations and enables quick adjustments to tasks and locations. The commitment to ongoing collaboMation and integration extends beyond seasonal peaks, positioning iFollow Robotics as a central fixture in retailers’ daily operations.

The smart way to optimize warehouse performance

CollaboMation is the innovative concept that combines the strengths of humans and machines in warehouse operations. It allows warehouses to achieve higher efficiency, productivity and security. By embracing CollaboMation, warehouses can meet the growing challenges of the industry. It is the link that integrates human workers with the technology that supports them. : To discover more and witness CollaboMation in practice, watch our Expert Series Webinar “What Is CollaboMation?” : https://proglove.com/expert-series/

To prepare yourself, download our latest white paper, “CollaboMate – 5 Tips for the Smart Combination of Humans and Robots”: https://www.proglove.com/collabomate-now/.