Locus Robotics – A ProGlove CollaboMation Partner

Locus Robotics – A ProGlove CollaboMation Partner


Locus Robotics is a logistics automation company that provides automated warehouse robots that increase fulfillment productivity, order accuracy, and more. The company understands the importance and benefits of deploying robots that collaborate with, rather than replace, workers. As a result, Locus solutions provide the necessary mix of automation and collaboration to meet the challenges of growing product inventories, volumes, and fulfillment speeds.


Locus Robotics was one of the earliest adopters of robotics technology to improve warehouse productivity. Its mobile robots meet the complex demands of modern e-commerce fulfillment environments. In doing so, the company emphasizes the importance of CollaboMation, leveraging their respective strengths to increase safety and improve workplace quality.


Locus Robotics offers a range of solutions tailored to specific business needs, as well as on-site warehouse experts to guide the robotics installation process. They support over 100 of the world’s top brands and have a proven track record of 2-3X productivity improvements. For example, logistics company DHL, which uses the LocusONE solution across its global locations, has now surpassed 250 million units picked using the technology.

Leading the way through CollaboMation

The human-robot partnership in the warehouse offers several benefits. First, it improves safety by reducing the risk of workplace injuries and repetitive stress injuries by reducing the number of dangerous tasks performed by workers. Robots minimize the risk of accidents such as falls, trips, and slips, while improving visibility and preventing collisions. This automation promotes a safer and more conducive work environment.


Second, human-robot collaboration increases productivity by improving the speed and accuracy of routine operations, resulting in faster order fulfillment and fewer errors. They also enable greater flexibility, as robots can be programmed and reconfigured to adapt to changing needs without extensive retraining or hiring.


Working with robots enhances the human worker. Automated robots perform repetitive tasks, freeing boots on the ground to focus on higher-level activities that require creativity and problem-solving skills. Finally, by streamlining operations and improving order fulfillment, companies can improve customer service, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Locus Robotics’ warehouse solutions, like ProGlove’s, seamlessly integrate with human workers to create a cohesive warehouse environment.

Responding to the increasing demands of the industry


CollaboMation is the future of warehouse operations. It enables a more efficient, productive and safer warehouse. By adopting CollaboMation, warehouses can respond to the increasing demands of the industry. It is the bridge that connects human workers to the technology that surrounds them.


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