MotionMiners & ProGlove: Mapping the Future of CollaboMation

MotionMiners & ProGlove: Mapping the Future of CollaboMation | ProGlove wearable barcode scanners


MotionMiners is a spin-off from the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics. It started when its three founders, Sascha Feldhorst, had a simple idea while jogging. Inspired by fitness trackers, Feldhorst had a question: Could similar principles be applied to analyze efficiency in the corporate world? This idea of collecting data with wearable devices is a key component of CollaboMation.


MotionMiners automates the analysis of manual logistics processes through sensor technology and artificial intelligence, using machine learning to process large amounts of data to detect and categorize different movements. The data generation is completely anonymized and thus follows the basic principles of the GDPR, as no personal data is collected. The solutions give customers the autonomy to perform automated efficiency and ergonomics analysis for their processes. In line with the broader trend toward automation, MotionMiners believes in complementing human control with automated solutions to optimize process flows and improve employee well-being. An experienced team of logistics experts accompanies each project, using Motion-Mining® to analyze processes and uncover opportunities for improvement. These experts work with clients to develop customized action plans. These plans ensure both efficiency gains and sustainable implementation while improving employee health and well-being. And that is exactly what CollaboMation aims to provide.


CollaboMation: How MotionMiners and ProGlove Enhance Human-Machine Synergy

MotionMiners strongly supports the idea of people and machines working together to assist the workforce. It values the partnership between humans and machines and works closely with ProGlove to achieve this common goal. This forward-thinking approach represents the power of the “CollaboMation” concept. MotionMiners helps businesses improve process visibility, productivity, and performance. MotionMiners and ProGlove both use wearables to collect accurate process data through a dynamic platform that combines hardware and software. The difference is that MotionMiner’s data is episodic, but can be combined with transactional data from ProGlove’s wearable barcode scanners. This enables critical data analysis to reduce waste, improve quality and automate processes.


Rising to the challenge of modern demands

CollaboMation is the future of warehouse operations. It enables a more efficient, productive and secure warehouse. By adopting CollaboMation, warehouses can respond to the increasing demands of the industry. It is the bridge that connects human workers to the technology that surrounds them. To learn more and see CollaboMation in action, check out our upcoming Expert Series Webinar “What Is CollaboMation?” :


To get a head start, download our latest white paper, “CollaboMate – 5 Tips for the Smart Combination of Humans and Robots”: