Wearable barcode scanners give warehouses the speed they need


Warehouses buzz with constant activity, and barcode scanning plays a crucial role in ensuring operations are seamless. From accurately identifying and tracking products to efficiently processing orders and managing inventory, barcode scanning is essential. Wearable barcode scanners can help boost productivity by up to 27%.


Conventional handheld scanner guns are still the tool of choice for many. However, their limitation lies in occupying one hand constantly, leaving only one hand available to manage stock. This limits scanning speeds and slows productivity rates. Wearable barcode scanners eliminate this wastefulness, empowering warehouse personnel with a more streamlined and efficient workflow.

Quantifying efficiency


Check out this video to see that our wearable scanners do the job 27% faster than handheld scanners. The figures don’t lie. With a wearable scanner, six scans take 55 seconds. With a handheld scanner, the same task takes 76 seconds. If you multiply that across hundreds of workers undertaking hundreds of scans, the productivity disparity becomes even starker.


For example, let’s take a medium-sized warehouse with 200 employees, 50% of whom scan some 300 barcodes per shift. That equates to 30,000 daily scans. Based on this example, the wearable scanner would process those 30,000 items in 105,000 seconds, 1,750 minutes, or 29.167 hours faster. That’s 3.645 business days’ worth of time savings in just one business day.


This extra-time will help you achieve more with your existing team and resources. It will help address worker fatigue and ensure better processes so that your process reliability will improve significantly. But of course, you will also be able to enhance your throughput and reduce common picking errors. The combination of these benefits will considerably raise your productivity.

A modern solution for modern times


Wearable scanners free up both hands, making it easier for workers to scan products and handle stock simultaneously. Moreover, they possess ergonomic features like a lightweight build and an intuitive interface to reduce unnecessary actions. Furthermore, they come with extended battery life, ensuring that employees do not have to stop to recharge.


Our wearable scanners are designed for comfort. Their rugged design withstands the challenges in a demanding warehouse environment and captures every barcode accurately. With simple training and smooth integration, they make the entire scanning process efficient and functional.

Win the race to productivity


Warehouse productivity is all about speed, something you won’t achieve with yesterday’s technology. With our wearable barcode scanners, you can win the race to productivity by enhancing simple but crucial processes.


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