Join us on our mission to change the life of millions of workers worldwide for the better!


ProGlove is all about creating a radically better future.

Our vision is to build a smarter, more productive, and augmented workforce!

We put the human first

We value autonomy and enablement of our ProGlove people. There’s always room to prototype unique solutions and upset the status quo. In a dynamic atmosphere, diverse teams collaborate on projects, taking ideas from the drawing board to implementation.

We strive to grow

ProGlove people aren’t scared to be challenged—because we know we’ve got the best team to support us.

We prototype

We’re true DIYers! Our favourite way of innovation is Design Thinking. ProGlove products are designed in house and crafted by our dedicated expert teams.
Our scanning solutions solve customer’s problems as seamlessly as possible. We value the same in our own house – ProGlove processes are as simplistic as possible while still delivering the structure we need.

We boost productivity

From distribution operations to warehouse systems: we improve something new every day. For our customers and for ourselves.

We simplify

360° Work flexibility and freedom

Enjoy flexible working hours and mobile work wherever possible.

School of Glove

Our internal L&D School provides plenty of internal and external training opportunities. That way, you can unleash your full potential. In addition, you can dedicate up to 13 days per year in L&D measures such as trainings, coaching or conferences.

L&D Budget

Learning doesn’t always come free of charge. Therefore, you have access to L&D benefits. This enables you to access external resources so you can develop your career.

Inspirational leaders make outstanding teams

All ProGlove people leaders are extensively trained and coached. We want them to not only lead efficiently but to also prioritize the well-being and growth of our staff.

Localized perks and benefits

Depending on your location, we offer benefits such as private healthcare, gym memberships, tax free benefits or shopping discounts and allowances.


Our holistic health program “ProHealth” is designed to foster the emotional as well as the physical health of our team members.

Make us grow

With our company-wide employee referral program, you will get up to 2000 € (2250 $) before tax for employee referrals.


Ready to embark on an
exciting journey with us?

We’re thrilled to hear from you and can’t wait to get to know you better! Our talent acquisition team is always searching for exceptional individuals who share our vision and drive.

At the heart of our hiring process is a simple goal: to see you happy and thriving with us in your new team. We want to get to know you, your skills, and your aspirations. That’s why our 3-step journey involves a Cultural Call, a Technical Interview, and an Experience Day.

We know your time is valuable. So, our recruiting process is designed with convenience in mind. We conduct the entire process online and remotely, so you can focus on what matters most – showcasing your talents and getting to know our team.


Submit application

First, you'll apply and receive a prompt response from us. A real human-being will take the time to review your CV and share our feedback with you. We value every candidate and strive to keep you informed throughout the entire hiring process.

Culture call

Next, it's time for the Culture Call - a chance to connect with our talent acquisition team to learn more about the role and our corporate culture. We want to get to know you as a person, not just your CV. But this is certainly a two-way street! So, we will give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

Tech call

Meet your potential new manager in the Tech Call. This is the time for you to gain deeper insights into the position and your responsibilities. This will let you get a feel for your new team and ensure that this is the right fit for you.

Experience day incl. technical case study

And finally, it's time for the Experience Day. You'll spend up to a full day working with us on a real-life task. You'll get to know your team, their working style, and the scope of work in an immersive and exciting way. We want you to leave the Experience Day feeling confident and excited about the possibility of joining our team.

Receive offer or interview feedback

When it's time to make a decision, we'll consider your fit for ProGlove, and you'll consider our fit for you.

Our Teams


The People Experience team works on multiple fronts. We make sure everybody is always happy and growing. We’re deeply involved in the growth of the company by ensuring all of our teams are made up of talented people. We get to influence the ProGlove image by controlling our employer branding.


We are self-driven performers who enjoy the opportunity to prototype a new solution. Team spirit, strong communication skills, and the eagerness to work with multiple stakeholders are our assets. As a truly international bunch, we focus on the big picture to make our products better. At ProGlove, design, hardware and software engineering are working hand in glove to create world class products second to none.


Our In-House Production team meticulously assembles our wearables, while Quality Control ensures adherence to the highest standards. Hardware Service operators address refurbishment and prototyping to ensure product longevity. Customer Support deliver a seamless experience, addressing inquiries with a commitment to satisfaction. Together, these pillars create a cohesive team dedicated to excellence throughout the hardware lifecycle.


Over 350 people collaborate seamlessly, with the same tools, the same quality of equipment, and receive the support they need. This is what our small and mighty IT team ensures – each and every day. Every ProGlovian almost feels like they’re working in one office. Our IT team provides them with the services and tools they need to sustain ProGlove’s growth aspirations.


Our Finance team is taking care of our business in a fast-paced environment. Our business acumen lays the financial groundwork and thus drives our international growth. We handle the resources that push our organization to succeed everywhere around the world.


We help build, strengthen and protect ProGlove’s brand. Clear and open communications – internally and externally – are instrumental to that end. We research and tailor useful information to each industry and customer needs. This is how we promote ProGlove as a trustworthy partner. ProGlove’s marketing team looks after campaigns, events, communications, product marketing, marketing operations and so much more!


Our product team oversees our full product range. We set priorities and commit to building the right things. In other words: things that have value for both our customers and our business. Our Product Owners & Technical Project Managers deliver cross-functional perspectives and condense them into one unified strategy. This is how we provide value to customers, the company, and push for technological progress.


A true roll-up your sleeve attitude is what you need in our Supply Chain team. We interact with people from all walks of life, spot improvements and proactively drive projects to bring the ProGlove supply chain to the next level. Joining the Supply Chain team means positioning yourself at the center of the system that makes all our products happen. We procure all materials, identify best suppliers, and ensure that our product is made of best of class components.


Our Commercial Team brings ProGlove’s philosophy to life. The team’s mission is to serve customers and partners across their whole value chain. Hence, we offer the right product portfolio, deliver a fast-onboarding experience and ensure smooth technical integration.

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Sales WMEA

Business Development Manager - Italy (m/f/d)


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Sales CNEE

Enterprise Account Manager (m/f/d)


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Global Account

Global Account Manager - France (m/f/d)


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Sales CNEE

Global Account Manager (m/f/d)


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Solution Architect - DACH (m/f/d)


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Solution Architect - Spain (m/f/d)


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Sales CNEE

Inside Sales Specialist (m/f/d) - Nordics


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Growth Marketing

Marketing Working Student (m/f/d)


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After Sales (CSM & CS)

Senior Customer Success Manager (m/f/d)


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Sales CNEE

Inside Sales Specialist (m/f/d) - DACH


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After Sales (CSM & CS)

Senior Customer Success Manager (m/f/d) - DACH (German Speaking)


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Supply Chain Management

Strategic Procurement Manager (m/f/d)


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Product Operations

Technical Project Manager (m/f/d)


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Hardware Test Engineer - Internship


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Hardware Services

Hardware Services Operator (m/f/d)


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Assembly Worker (m/f/d)


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Sales WMEA

Territory Account Manager - UK (m/f/d)


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Sales CNEE

Territory Account Manager - Romania (m/f/d)


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