Automate 2024

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Step into the future of automated manufacturing with ProGlove at Automate booth #672. Experience how our wearable scanners are revolutionizing warehouse productivity while prioritizing worker well-being and human-centric innovation.

Discover how our scanners seamlessly integrate precision, efficiency, and ergonomic design to elevate your operations. Partnered with leading software providers, our solutions not only accelerate scanning processes but also provide valuable insights to optimize your workflow.

Join us to witness the MARK Family of wearable scanners in action, showcasing hands-free processes and delivering:

  • Safer receiving, picking, and assembly
  • Enhanced cost efficiency
  • Accelerated production and delivery
  • Improved quality control and risk management

More than just technology, ProGlove empowers global companies with human-centric innovation. Our holistic approach blends automation with seamless integration, setting your business apart in the competitive landscape of supply chain and manufacturing.

Schedule a meeting with us to embark on the path to a more productive future. Don’t miss the chance to visit our booth, engage in our interactive Barcode Hunter game, and stand a chance to win an iPad!