CITT 2024

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Find out the future of logistics CITT in Halifax this June. Experience how our wearable scanners are revolutionizing warehouse productivity while prioritizing worker well-being and human-centric innovation.

Our innovative wearable technology and software solutions unlock untapped efficiency potentials for organizations. Seamlessly connecting your workforce to the internet of things, our technology drives digitalization across shop floors and fosters collaboration between humans and machines. Enhance productivity with faster barcode scanning, minimize picking errors, and prioritize worker well-being with our solutions tailored for the logistics industry. Combined with our industry-leading analytics platform, we empower organizations to design optimized processes, achieve faster fulfillment, and increase transactions instantly. Visit our booth to learn more about revolutionizing your logistics operations.

Barcoding is a supply chain automation and innovation company that impacts tens of thousands of organizations across the globe, helping them increase revenue, reduce operational costs, and improve their customers’ experiences.