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Warehouse Operations Productivity Calculator

What’s really possible in your warehouse? 5% growth? 10%? More?

The volume and complexity of customer demand is growing daily, and the pace is accelerating. Warehouse productivity is struggling to keep up. ProGlove innovation brings:

  • Immediate gains in scanning speed, safety, cost savings, along with worker satisfaction and retention.
  • Ongoing gains from the optimization of scanning accuracy, device lifecycle, processes, and layout.

Find out what ProGlove can achieve in your warehouse. Let us calculate your success.

With ProGlove under the hood

ProGlove’s Warehouse Operations Productivity Calculator generates a projection, based on our customer experience and data you provide below, of what our tools and technology can achieve in your warehouse.

The report will provide our expectations time savings, cost savings, worker satisfaction, overall productivity and ROI.

Please provide your input below. It will be used in confidence, consistent with our corporate policies and all privacy regulations.

Kickstart productivity in your environment.


Increase the amount of time workers have available to work by XX or X additional worker/resources
Increase the retention of skilled, experienced workers for XX
We expect a XX% ROI in the first year