Only Half Of Retail Managers Are Satisfied With Current Automation And Robotics Initiatives

Only Half Of Retail Managers Are Satisfied With Current Automation And Robotics Initiatives | ProGlove wearable barcode scanners

New research reveals mixed responses to automation in the retail sector.


CHICAGO, February 8, 2024 – A recent study of retail executives has shown cautious optimism toward automation within the sector. A significant number of the respondents are initially prioritizing human-machine collaboration. The new ‘Leadership Insights for Retail Warehouse Management’ report from the wearable tech pioneer ProGlove includes insights from over 1,000 retail management professionals, indicating a nuanced approach to technological advancements in the sector.


Findings suggest that while integrating automation technology remains a challenge for 15.6% of leaders, a similarly significant struggle is integrating mobile commerce platforms (14.6%). The biggest challenge, however, is making sense of data and recognizing patterns when running analytics. This suggests that retailers struggle to extract the insights to uncover inefficiencies throughout.


A mere 6.3% of respondents are very satisfied with their current automation initiatives. 44.2% state they are somewhat satisfied. Almost 1 in 5 (19.3%) respondents indicated dissatisfaction, highlighting room for growth and optimization in the automation space.


Retailers are expecting tech-related productivity gains


Retail leaders project a conservative timeline for automation investments to pay off. Just 11.5% believe they will see returns within the next two years. A more significant segment of 36.5% expect the benefits to surpass the costs in two to five years. This suggests a careful long-term strategy in adopting automation rather than immediate returns. 26.6% are looking to a five to ten-year horizon, and 8.6% are preparing for a decade or more. The data reflects a strategic patience as retailers balance the scales of investment against anticipated gains.


Retailers had a variety of responses when it comes to making savings through productivity gains. The most popular investment area for additional productivity gains was through human augmentation, with more than a quarter (25.3%) selecting ‘human-machine collaboration’ as a key target area. Almost as many respondents highlighted the need for new software (e.g. ERP, WMS, BI, MDM). This was followed by automation and robotics at 17%.


When asked about the impact of these solutions, over a third (35.4%) of retailers forecasted productivity increases of 21-30%. Similarly, 30.6% believed they would see gains of 11-20%. With 55.3% of total respondents expecting gains beyond 20% from investing in technology solutions, there appears to be a consensus that tech investment is viewed as a worthy path.


Workforce changes in retail warehouses


ProGlove’s report also looked into fluctuating warehouse workforce numbers. The evolution of workforce numbers in the retail sector shows a blend of stability and change. Over the past five years, leaders indicated a pattern of workforce increases in certain brackets and a steady state in others.


Notably, retail leaders anticipate workforce expansion and contraction in relatively equal parts. In the coming year, the same proportion of leaders, at 15.3%, predict up to a 10% decrease or increase in their staffing levels. This balance hints at an expectation that technology may support profit growth without substantial changes in employee numbers. A significant 33.9% of respondents project that workforce levels will hold steady, suggesting confidence in leveraging existing human resources alongside new automation solutions to drive business success.


“Automation presents a complex landscape for retailers,” said Stefan Lampa, CEO of ProGlove. “While it holds potential for efficiency, our research underscores the critical role of human-machine collaboration. Retailers seek a synergy that leverages technology to empower, not replace, the human workforce.”


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