Industry Survey

Leadership Insights for Retail Warehouse Management

The Convergence of Technology Trends
that Address Leadership Challenges

Retail is on the cusp of a technological overhaul. However, our latest survey of the industry’s executives suggests that the sector is taking a nuanced approach. This study reveals that while integrating automation technology remains a challenge for 15.6% of leaders, a similarly significant struggle is integrating mobile commerce platforms (14.6%). Download the report “The Convergence of Technology Trends that Address Leadership Challenges” to find out…

  • what retail executives see as the greatest technology challenge.
  • where management sees the biggest payoffs.
  • the timeline retail executives expect to see a return on their investments.

This report details the results of our in-depth retail research. It is designed to be a helpful tool for achieving greater results in less time with a faster return on investment.

Industry Survey: The Warehouse 5 Years From Now! | ProGlove Wearable barcode scanner