Industry Survey: The Warehouse 5 Years From Now!

What will a typical warehouse look like in five years from now? 47.4% of respondents in our latest industry survey are certain about investing in semi or partially-automated systems. This comprehensive research sheds some light on what warehouse managers and management need to prepare for. It provides valuable input on what technologies will most likely make a difference pertaining to the current challenges they face.

This survey report will provide answers to questions like:

  • What tools and technologies do you see being phased out in the next 5 years?
  • Which investments will be made within the next 5 years to improve warehouse operations?
  • Which of the following priorities do you think technology will address most effectively?
  • Which process or issue in your warehouse operations most needs an immediate update?
  • What are the barriers to you implementing automation within your organization currently?
Industry Survey: The Warehouse 5 Years From Now! | ProGlove Wearable barcode scanner

The report details the results of our extensive industry research. In doing so, it provides a valuable perspective on why warehouse operations should strive for collaborative automation (=ColloboMation) rather than full automation. CollaboMation seeks a seamless and effective integration of human workers and automated systems.