Live Webinar

Unlock Peak Productivity

Optimize your Warehouse Efficiency with ProGlove


Hosted by:

Mats Fager

Territory Account Manager


Peter Siggaard-Andersen

Head of Supply Chain Excellence


Increased customer demand means more pressure on your warehouse and new challenges to face. From talent retention to scanning solutions and warehouse management systems, let’s discuss how technology can transform your day-to-day operations, streamline processes and improve your overall performance.

We will be joined by industry expert, Peter Siggaard-Andersen, from Tecsys who will show you how to run your warehouse picking with ProGlove. Integrate the MARK Display with your existing WMS or enhance your operations with the power of Tecsys OMNI™ WMS.

We’ll also introduce you to the newest addition to the ProGlove portfolio – the MARK Basic multi range. With the ability to scan from 10 cm to 2,5 meters, this device delivers the efficiency of wearable scanning with the flexibility to fit any environment.