Do the ProGlove Productivity Math!


Every new technology that enters the market promises to make things better. Whether it’s the solution to a problem, a more efficient process or perhaps a cleaner one, there is always a promise of ‘better’.


We certainly claim this is the case for our wearable scanners. However, while this culture of technological innovation is excellent for development – how do you differentiate what’s ‘new’, from what works?


At ProGlove, our technology isn’t just new. It is trusted and proven. In fact, we’ve demonstrated at some of the world’s most iconic industry brands that our scanners help solve some of their problems. From BMW to GAP and Lufthansa Technik to DHL, more than 2000 customers trust our wearable scanners.


However, we have already convinced them – instead, we want to convince you! So here is the pitch, the problem and the proof. 


The pitch


Our previous blog claims we can boost your productivity by up to 27%. We outlined how we could save a medium-sized business 3.645 business days’ worth of time savings in just one business day. Not bad for a scanner.


Our wearable scanners provide a range of benefits that enhance operations, including hands-free convenience, faster scans, improved accuracy, natural motions, reduced errors, and as a result, more reliable processes.


By leveraging our wearable technology and software insights, your warehouse processes can achieve a higher level of reliability and eliminate inefficiencies from the bottom up.


The problem


With savings of 27% and the customer base to back it up, what’s the catch? As we’ve said, with every new technology comes promises. You don’t know what equations we use for our calculations. While we base our expected productivity savings on tests, customer references (which sometimes save even more) and extensive data, we understand that it might not be enough. So, we want to go further.


The proof: our new productivity calculator


You know your operations better than anyone. And we want to show you what ProGlove can do for your business.


So, we designed the productivity calculator.


The calculator allows you to enter data about your operations, and we’ll provide you with a personalized report. It will give a clear picture based on the specifics of your organization and generate a projection based on our customer experience and the data you provide. As a result, you can see for yourself what our tools and technology can achieve in your warehouses.


Why not do the math yourself? Check out our productivity calculator here!