ProMat Works Hand-In-ProGlove


“ProMat is unique in that it offers a comprehensive range of innovative products and solutions for every aspect of the supply chain.” That is what ChatGPT had to say about the upcoming show. For us, it is an opportunity to showcase our latest products at booth #S4971.


“ProGlove regularly introduces new products, and ProMat is an excellent opportunity to see their latest offerings up close.” Again, that’s what ChatGPT says. But it ain’t no stretch. You can get a hands-on demonstration of our products and learn how they can benefit your operations.


ProMat is the place to check out ProGlove’s multi-range and multi-scanning features

At ProMat, you can check out our multi-range barcode scanner MARK 3. In an interview with Authority Magazine, Ilhan Kolko recently described its benefits: “[MARK 3] allows for effortless scanning of all 1D and 2D barcodes from 4 inches to 20 feet with no adjustments necessary. This saves up to five seconds per scan. With extended scanning range capability, MARK 3 is suitable for use cases such as scanning from a vehicle as it passes by or from a ramp into a truck. Optional feedback functionality combines visual, audio and haptic signal to help ensure correct picking routines and streamline workflows.”


“ProGlove’s multi-scanning feature is a unique capability of their wearable barcode scanner products. This feature allows users to scan multiple barcodes simultaneously. This can significantly increase productivity and efficiency in industrial environments. With ProGlove’s multi-scanning feature, users can scan multiple barcodes on different items with a single swipe of the scanner, eliminating the need to scan each item individually. This can save time and reduce the risk of errors, as workers no longer need to stop and start scanning for each item they handle.” You guessed it, ChatGPT knows it all. And yes, ProGlove’s multi-scanning feature will be on display at ProMat.


ResGreen integrates ProGlove’s wearable technology

So, ChatGPT, is there anything else exciting about this year’s ProMat? “The partnership between ResGreen and ProGlove allows ResGreen to integrate ProGlove’s wearable technology with their own robotics and automation solutions. One of the key benefits is that it provides customers with a single point of contact. ResGreen has also recently announced the launch of their Wanda SD product. This mobile, autonomous robot is designed to move products from one location to another in industrial environments. Wanda SD is equipped with ProGlove’s wearable devices, allowing it to easily scan and track items as it moves them around.” Booth #S4971 is the place to learn more!


Hey, but here is something ChatGPT doesn’t know about our ProMat participation: You can check out how we support iOS and watchOS! So, go ahead and schedule a meeting with our knowledgeable staff!

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