Scan by scan for more warehouse productivty


Business and competitive pressure put a spotlight on warehouse accuracy and productivity. The inherent promise of technology is to deliver just that. Yet there is still room for major improvement.


The last wave

A “successful” warehouse of the recent past was marked by technology swirling through the shopfloor and management projections of full automation. “Data” was on everyone’s lips and high on their lists. It almost seemed like human workers would slowly disappear. After all, technology was set to replace them.


But that never happened. For one, automation turned out to be more complex than it sounded in the sales pitches. It is still nowhere near displacing the human worker, and the data that everyone talked about is not as accurate as it needs to be.


It is that level of inaccuracy that points to the root cause of this entire dilemma: Heavy, awkward, inaccurate scanners. This is a problem because all the warehouse technology and processes rely on the data they capture.


Barcode scanning is the basic activity, the essential building block within all logistics and supply chain processes, with every part scanned multiple times throughout its journey from inception to delivery. Therefore, absolutely everything depends on the speed and accuracy of the scanning process.


Human worker augmentation accelerates accuracy and productivity

The good news is that the opportunity for increasing productivity is in the workers’ hands. Or, rather, on the back of their hands. It is not complex, heavy, or difficult to use, and it enables them to do their job faster, safer, more accurately, and with a higher sense of satisfaction.


Our ergonomics have moved the scanner to the back of a glove, giving workers a new tool – two free hands to move quicker and easier, more confidently, without encumbrance or injury.


Technology has made these scanners infinitely more accurate, which improves all the systems that rely on its data – such as forecasting, inventory management, purchasing, shipping, ROI … and customer satisfaction.


These devices are now two-way, advising each worker when things aren’t right. Workflows move significantly faster. Customer satisfaction is high, because the warehouse performance is responsive, on time, in full.


Now, technology also captures data that’s been missing from the equation. Our solutions bring you new insights and abilities, from optimizing device lifecycle, to a better understanding of what’s really happening where the work is actually taking place.

Optimizing warehouses today

We’re at the beginning of this new day. Innovating human-centered productivity is our passion, because we see the immediate return. Customers report saving from 4 to 6 seconds per scan, an average 33% fewer errors, and an overall productivity gain of 20%. Think about the impact on your operation by opening your eyes to these achievements.

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Step by step, scan by scan, we can make this opportunity real.

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