MARK 3 From ProGlove Allows for Flexible Range Barcode Scanning


ProGlove’s new MARK 3 is a multi-range barcode scanner. Apart from providing more flexibility, it also enables new applications.

MARK 3 is without a doubt a premium product. After all, ProGlove’s new wearable scanner eliminates a fairly common obstacle: Scanning range sometimes proves to be a conceivable restriction with some applications. And that is precisely where MARK 3 comes into play. The new device reliably scans at short as well as at long distances. There is no need for additional adjustments. Operators simply need to aim at the barcode they want to have read and initiate the scan. The catch is its integrated autofocus as it enables multi-range scanning and allows for completely new business applications. This includes use cases where users have to scan from a vehicle as it passes or from a ramp into a truck.


MARK 3 saves up to 5 seconds per scan

MARK 3 can save up to five seconds per scan. Because not only do operators no longer need to pick up and drop off a conventional scanner gun, there is also no further need to move closer to the barcode any longer. It reads all common 1D and 2D barcodes at distances of 4 inches up to  6.5 yards. Enlarging the barcodes extends the reach of the new ProGlove device even further. Because of Its rugged and splash-resistant design (IP 65), MARK 3 is a perfect choice for industrial companies with both indoor and outdoor applications. Like all scanners in the MARK product family, MARK 3 is the size of a matchbox and weighs only about 1.4 ounces. The new barcode scanner can perform up to 12,000 scans per battery charge and can be recharged in less than two hours.


Platform approach allows for fast innovation cycles

It’s worth noting that MARK 3 is already the third barcode scanner ProGlove will be introducing this year. MARK Display SR and LEO preceded the latest extension of our product portfolio. MARK 3 will be on display for the first time during this year’s LogiMAT and EuroCIS  conventions. Visitors will certainly also have the opportunity to check out our other innovations live and on site during these two trade shows.

Our platform approach is instrumental for the pace with which we deliver innovations. Along these lines, we are building an ecosystem and increasingly focusing on our software. With our groundbreaking industry analytics solution, Insight, we are setting the standards in this context. It complements existing WMS and ERP solutions and, above all, creates a completely new perspective. Bottom up. This allows us to map an actual state that complements the target perspective of common business applications. Needless to say: These principles surely apply for our new MARK 3, too.

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