MODEX 2024

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Visit us at MODEX Booth C3080 and witness how companies have been elevating barcode readability and precision to enhance warehouse productivity, thanks to our wearable scanners.

At our booth you can learn more about upgrading your operations and productivity while prioritizing worker well-being and human-centric innovation.

Our scanners integrate precision, efficiency, and an ergonomic design for a real manufacturing revolution. Our scanning solution integrates with our partners’ software to not only speed your scanning process and reduce errors, but also offer insights to streamline your operations and create efficiencies.

At booth C3080 you can see the MARK Family of wearable scanners in action, with demos that show how ProGlove delivers:

  • Hands-free, safer receiving, picking, assembly processes
  • Improved cost efficiency
  • Faster production and delivery speed
  • Higher quality control and risk management

ProGlove’s MARK scanners are more than just technology; they empower companies around the world for human-centric innovation.

The blend of automation and ease of integration for a complete solution will set your business apart in the competitive world of supply chain and manufacturing.

Reach out to us to schedule a meeting and embark on the path to a more productive future!

MODEX 2024 | Wearable barcode handsfree scanners | ProGlove

Join us for Sergio Chaves‘ exciting seminar presentation on 11th of March at 10:30am in Theater G!

Warehouse operations need to turbo-charge productivity, starting right now, to ensure customer satisfaction. However, according to our recent survey, productivity in the warehouse, 70% increase speed and accuracy while lowering cost of managers are concerned about maintaining current productivity levels. Progress is hampered by a high attribution of skilled, experienced workers, inaccurate data, and worker safety and satisfaction concerns. The reality is that warehouse operations need new ideas and new answers to the critical question: how can big increases be achieved today while driving down costs? Through this presentation, we will delve into real-world use cases and see how customers like Ford, Gap, Book Depot, and DHL raised their productivity up to 27% and saved up to 6 seconds per scan