ProGlove Announces Attendance at Retail’s Big Show, NRF 2023

ProGlove to present new innovations, including multi-scanning, extended photo feature, MARK 3 and ProGlove Insight


ProGlove to present new innovations, including multi-scanning, extended photo feature, MARK 3 and ProGlove Insight


Wearable tech pioneer aiming to enter the Guinness Book of World Records on-site


CHICAGO and MUNICH – ProGlove, the leader in wearable barcode scanners, announced today it will be at NRF 2023, taking place January 15 to 17 in New York. ProGlove’s packed schedule at the show includes a Guinness World Record attempt and product announcements at its booth (#3538).


Guinness Book of World Records attempt

ProGlove will kick off NRF 2023 with a World Record attempt. To secure entry into the Guinness Book of World Records, ProGlove will attempt to log the fastest time ever to scan and pack 50 items.

The world record attempt will provide the opportunity for NRF attendees to witness the smallest, lightest, and toughest barcode scanners in the world at work. This will ultimately give insight into the agility of the wearable scanners and their human-centric design.


Showcasing product innovation

ProGlove will unveil and present two new software innovations. The extended photo feature allows workers to take pictures using ProGlove’s wearable barcode scanners. This may serve as a workaround for incidents such as when a barcode is dysfunctional, or product damage needs to be documented. When the picture is taken, operators can upload it to a repository where it may trigger additional workflows and processes.


The multi-scanning feature allows users to capture multiple barcodes with a single scan. This will provide huge relief for workers in fast-paced environments with a high turnover of product, where various barcodes pile up quickly. Removing the additional decision and action time associated with these processes will further quicken operations and reduce pressure on workers. The multi-scanning system can process up to 6 barcodes simultaneously.


ProGlove MARK 3 is a multi-range barcode scanner for indoor and outdoor applications. Unique autofocus capabilities enable the wearable scanner to automatically adjust to variable distances. Users can effortlessly scan all 1D and 2D barcodes from 4 inches to 20 feet with no adjustments necessary. This saves up to five seconds per scan. With extended scanning range capability, MARK 3 is suitable for use cases such as scanning from a vehicle as it passes by or from a ramp into a truck. Optional feedback functionality combines visual, audio and haptic signal to help ensure correct picking routines and streamline workflows. Like all scanners in the MARK product family, MARK 3 is the size of a matchbox and weighs only about 2 ounces. The new barcode scanner can perform up to 12,000 scans per battery charge and can be recharged in less than two hours. Its rugged and splash-resistant design (IP 65) makes MARK 3 an optimal choice for industrial companies with both indoor and outdoor applications.


ProGlove will also showcase its industry analytics software Insight. This solution captures, refines and analyzes data collected by the ProGlove scanners to allow for a unique bottom-up view of the shopfloor. Insight’s analysis capabilities extend beyond only barcode content to include datapoints such as number of scans, time to process, barcode symbology, operator steps, place, angle, latitude and more. Thus, organizations can effortlessly run time and motion studies, compare workstations, analyze the scan and symbology performance, identify hotspots, blockers, outliers and more. This provides actionable insights that enable better informed process optimization, device management, and improved worker wellbeing. New device management capabilities including a Lost & Found function enable operators to drastically reduce the time it takes to located devices and maintain them. Through a set of APIs, organizations can also choose to consume the Insight data via their Enterprise Resource Planning, Warehouse Management, Business Intelligence or other enterprise systems.


Ilhan Kolko, CPO and President of North American Operations at ProGlove, said, “At a time when many companies are facing headwinds from turbulent economic uncertainty, ProGlove is proud to celebrate new innovations and customer relationships. We look forward to furthering our mission of empowering the human workforce to work smarter, faster, safer. We turn to 2023 in a strong position to continue our sustained growth. We are incredibly excited to meet retail leaders at NRF to build even deeper connections with the customers and partners supporting a human-centric retail future.”


About ProGlove

 ProGlove is a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer and builds the smallest, lightest, and toughest barcode scanners in the world. ProGlove’s industrial wearables connect the shopfloor worker to the Internet of Things. The wearables combined with ProGlove’s industry analytics software platform promote human-machine collaboration and drive digitization across the shopfloor. ProGlove’s customers include some of the most iconic global industrial brands, pioneers and innovators in manufacturing and production, logistics and warehousing, retail and e-commerce, and post and parcel. Founded in 2014, the company employs more than 300 people from over 30 countries with offices in Chicago, Munich (Germany), and Belgrade (Serbia). Learn more at